Our Approach to Khosak and Akhosak Sound

Many Khmer beginning text books do not focus the distinction in depth between Khosak and Akhosak vowels sounds that is needed when annunciate the sound based on the combination of vowel and consonant.

Rather, many text books use an a few words to teach the sounds making it incomplete. Many students came out of the lesson does not have a clear contrast of the different vowel sounds. As a result students have a difficult time pronouncing new words or remember words they encounter before.

So in ReanKhmer, we focus those differences sounds in more detail and add more time to practice. In addition, we use example words as a context to re-enforce the differences. So once the students remember the sounds, he/she can apply them appropriately to new or similar words.

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Khmer Consonant Alphabet Chart with Sound


This is a supplement material for lesson 31. This chart contains easy to associate words and colorful images of Khmer consonants. Words used are already learned in previous lesson. This chart distinguishes the series one and two consonants with two distinct colors. You can click on the consonant or the image to hear the corresponding sounds.

The associate images act as a medium for you to remember the consonants by corresponding them to the words.
( full screen, image only ) [Also see Khmer Vowels Chart with Sound]

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Writing Practice Sheet

To help you practice the writing aspect of the language, we created PDF files that contain the writing practice sheets that can be printed and used to follow during the lesson.

Print the following PDF files. As you go through each lesson, you can practice by writing in the practice sheets provided.

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Khmer Vowels Chart With Sound

Khmer Vowels Chart with Sound contains list of vowels with both series sounds and corresponding words for easy to remember and provide context for the sound. (Also see Khmer Consonant Chart with Sound.)

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How Many Vowels are in Khmer alphabet?

How many vowels are there in Khmer alphabet?

The lesson presented here has 23 as seen in lesson 7. But the introduction text mentions 21. So what is the correct number?

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