How Many Khmer Consonant Sound Are There?

Khmer has 33 consonants in Khmer alphabet. But they do not produce unique sound. Rather, many of them are pair sound for series one and two. The series one and two produce different vowels sounds as they get combined. For exampke, KHA and KHO has the same base sound but when combining with a vowel, they may produce a different sound. For example, KHA and AA becomes KH-A, while KHO and AA, becomes KH-EA. So how many different base sound do we have in Khmer?

If we were to count each pair as one, we would have 11 pairs consonant sounds and 11 single. But with use of diacretics like "Trey Sap" and "Bontoq Pee", there are 22 pairs of unique sound.

In ReanKhmer we constrast and stress these sounds in lesson 34 of Unit 1. This constrast can make it less overwhelming to memorize the sound. In lesson 34, we make word to associate with the sound to help distinct the Khosak and Akhosak consonants even better.