How to Read TUK (table)

What is the correct way to read word TA-U which translate to "table" in Khmer? It spelled TA and U. People generally read: TOK. But if you were to read it literally, it should be TA-U.


Typically, many people read it as TOK. In fact the Khmer-English Dictionary by Headley published 1977 and 1997 confirmed this.

See the IPA phonetic at SEALang site for this word: SEAlang

Although, according to Samdach Chhuon Nat, the supremee Patriarch of Khmer language, this word should read literally as TA-U. Nat explained this issue in this audio recording below in the question and answer session.


For the purpose of our teaching, we kept the pronunciation to how the actual sound of combining the consonant and the vowel. In this approach, we do not confuse students and it conformed to Samdach Chhuon Nat.

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