Setup Google App Engine Development Environment

This tutorial will show how to setup a development environment to work on Google App Engine (GAE) for Python that we learned from developing a Khmer dictionaries site. This procedure tailors for developing with Khmer Unicode using Eclipse and PyDev plugins.

This first part of the series will show how to download and install all necessary software to start developing GAE Python application.

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Development on GAE using Khmer Unicode

To handle Khmer Unicode text development, you need to configure a few settings to work properly. This tutorial continues the series from: Setup GAE Environment and complete a Hello World example with Khmer Unicode text. This tutorial shows how to setup a Khmer Unicode project using Eclipse with PyDev for Python Google AppEngine. It involves Unicode specific setup to handle Unicode text and how to display the Khmer Unicode correctly in your code and output to the web browser.

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How Many Khmer Consonant Sound Are There?

Khmer has 33 consonants in Khmer alphabet. But they do not produce unique sound. Rather, many of them are pair sound for series one and two. The series one and two produce different vowels sounds as they get combined. For exampke, KHA and KHO has the same base sound but when combining with a vowel, they may produce a different sound. For example, KHA and AA becomes KH-A, while KHO and AA, becomes KH-EA. So how many different base sound do we have in Khmer?

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Khmer Youtube Videos

Khmer Fruit:

Greeting 1:

Greeting 2:

How to Use Khmer Phonetic Reversal

In Khmer language, you can alter a phrase into a list of unrecognizable words by transpose the different syllables to obfuscate the meaning. You have to reverse it back to get the original meanings. This is widely used by Cambodians as part of everyday conversation or in comedy, poetry, song, derogatory speech, and interjection as a play on words. This technique is called “Phonetic Reversal” គ្រលាស់​ (Kroleus). This is not the same as speech reversal or spoonerism. This flipping process seems natural to many Cambodians and can convert back and forth without much effort.

To understand this technique, I will start by showing the basic phonetic reversal process using English words. Then I will switch to Khmer words and also show some of the popular phrases and many other usages.

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