We feel that you can learn Khmer quickly with ReanKhmer. It is a powerful online Khmer language software. Don't take our words for it, see what some of our users says about the software. Here are the unsolicited testimonials posted in the comment pages.

"I love your program. I was nearly going to give up learning Khmer but now I am wanting to read and write as well as speak. Thank you... Jim"
-- jimpollock19 (Registered 2012-11-02) 

"This course is excellent - methodical, logical and cleverly thought-out."
-- Matthew (Registered 2013-01-15)

 "I have been in Phnom Penh for 6 months and plan to stay. I have been taking Khmer language classes but this program is the first time I am able to start seeing the connection between written Khmer and the sounds of the words. I am very grateful to have come across this."
-- cliffw (Registered 2014-02-23)

ReanKhmer Curriculum Summary

ReanKhmer has two units. Unit one covers the basics of Khmer alphabet including the dependent vowels and consonants. Unit two covers the consonant subscript, independent vowels, combining the sounds (brokorb), and basic reading.

After completing unit one, students should have a basic understanding the consonant sound. In addition, students would know the different vowels series and how the sound combines with the consonants.

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About our Instructors

Our instructors have unique qualities to offer in this application. Read more about their short biographies below.


Unit 1 Instructor

Sophear Pel

Sophear Pel

Sophear was born in Battambang Province, Cambodia and immigrated to the U.S. in 1990. She has incredible voice and won first place in several singing competition Long Beach. She later starred in the movie The Golden Voice (2006) as Serey Sothear Ros-Khmer legendary singer. She also played in a feature film, Two Shadows (2012).

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About ReanKhmer App

ReanKhmer is a language software that is easy, interactive, and powerful teaching tool. Prohok Solutions designs the ReanKhmer software with simplicity in mind to give you the basic learning technique.

ReanKhmer incorporates the basic learning experience with fun, interactive and entertaining medium to help you comprehend and experience both the Khmer language and culture.

You can learn Khmer (Cambodian) quickly with ReanKhmer. It is a powerful online Khmer language software.

  • Fun, interactive and entertaining
  • Easy and simple
  • Comprehensive and powerful
  • And very affordable 

If you want to learn Khmer, this online software is for you. It is fun, easy, and interactive perfect for adults or young kids.

Ordering Process

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Unit 2 Lesson Plan

Unit 2 has 5 chapters with 44 lessons. Each chapter focuses on different aspect of the language. Chapter 1 starts with combining the syllable with a consonant. Then we cover chapter 2 with subscripts and follow by stacked syllable in chapter 3. Chapter 4 focuses independent vowels, diacritics and moul typeface. We ended with chapter 5 which focuses on basic reading on multiple topics.

After completing this unit, you are ready to read most of the Khmer text.

You will need Khmer Unicode to see the Khmer text in the lesson plan below.

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Reankhmer: Unit 1

Khmer learning program with 35 lessons teaching all the vowels of both series, consonants, and numbers.


Reankhmer: Unit 2

Khmer learning program with 44 lessons cover the phonic approach with final consonant, subscripts, independent vowels, diacritics, type face (Moul), and reading stories.


It is a comprehensive online learning tool that teaches users with the reading, writing and speaking Khmer.

Six months subscription

One Year subscription

The subscription will give you unlimited access to both Unit 1 and Unit 2.

After completing the ordering process, you can create an account, then verify your email and be able to start logging in and learning right away.